EP 02: From ideation to creation with Anna Dunleavy

Posted on May 31, 2024 by Sarah Robertson

Welcome to the Brand Seasons podcast. In the first of my guest conversations, I chat with creative business coach and wedding photographer Anna Dunleavy about taking our plans from ideation to creation.

Together, we dig into:

  • the season of sowing, which forms part of my Brand Seasons method
  • taking the first steps towards our goals and plans
  • creating a podcast and our fears of public speaking
  • keeping ideas to ourselves to preserve their energy vs releasing them into the wild
  • harnessing the power of movement and nature to support our creativity

We also touch on generating ideas, and Anna shares her thoughts on getting moving and being outdoors in supporting cognitive and creative functioning and processing.

Learn more about Anna’s work as a creative business coach and view her wedding photography portfolio and services. You can also find her on Instagram and Substack.

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