EP 03: Tending to your creative foundations

Posted on June 14, 2024 by Sarah Robertson

Hello, and welcome back to the Brand Seasons podcast, where I talk about nurturing our creative foundations and building a sustainable business in this latest solo episode.

As part of this, I delve into the Season of Sowing within my Brand Seasons method, and touch on themes of waiting, tending, and pacing. You can also listen to me talk about:

  • giving ourselves permission to be imperfect
  • bringing a sense of playfulness into our days
  • using our intuition as a guide

I quote Megan Smalley, who, in sharing her experience of infertility, said: “There is purpose in your season of waiting.” And I believe this idea can apply to our businesses and creative practices, offering us freedom in our waiting periods.

My upcoming interview on the Space to Think podcast also gets a mention, and I’d encourage you to head over there to listen to some lovely conversations. Host, Sarah Philp, and I discuss creativity and improvisation and the episode will air on Thursday, 20th June.

Look out for my bonus article, all about the topic of improvisation, on my Brand Seasons publication next week.

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