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Let’s Shape Your Brand with my signature, tailored design package, which I’ve created for businesses who are ready to make a statement with the brand identity design.

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Brand identity design

Branding basics

The minimum requirements for most branding projects include a primary logo, secondary logo, brand mark or stamp and a simple style guide.

It’s important to me that a client doesn’t go away with more than they can maintain, so Shape Your Brand is here to offer accessibility and flexibility around your exact needs.

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Design add-ons

When I’m working with clients on branding projects, they occasionally require email marketing, social media or packaging design input, among other creative things.

I’m here to help you create the strongest version of your brand and make sure you have all the assets you need.

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Website design

Working with my Squarespace or WordPress website development partners, I can create or tailor your website based on your new brand style.

This option is only available to businesses that I’ve worked on a brand identity design project with.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Phase 01


Every strong brand begins with a solid foundation. So I start with research — learning about you and your business, exploring where you’ve been, where you are and where you’d like to go. Initial steps include:

  • Branding questionnaire
  • Strategy call
  • Moodboard
  • Type (font) selection
  • Colour palette

Phase 02


I believe in a single concept approach — one logo design based on a solid idea. This method enables us to invest our time in the most valuable design solution and create a brand that meets the brief. We may cover:

  • Primary logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Brand mark
  • Type treatment
  • Design mockups

Phase 03


In the final stages, I refine and export artwork and assets and supply a brand style guide to support you with launching your brand and growing your business. You can expect to receive:

  • Print files
  • Digital files
  • Launch assets
  • File type instructions
  • Style guide

curv-imgFrom my clients

Kind words

Client quotes

Sarah was instrumental in helping us create a brand for Fashion Bites Back. Thanks to her dedication, creativity and stunning design work, the event was a huge success and we exceeded our fundraising targets,

Georgie Abbott, Community Director, JCI Leeds

An open and friendly approach. Sarah took the time to question and fully understand our needs and communications were clear throughout the whole branding and website process.

Douglas Walker, Chair, Unique Venues of Edinburgh

We are delighted with our new-look website. Together with IfLooksCouldKill, our development partner, Sarah interpreted our needs and incorporated new content and features in an attractive and attention-grabbing way.

Sarah King, Executive Director, Association of English Cathedrals

curv-imgFrequently Asked Questions

Compatibility is vital to the creative process, and this is why I always begin with a connection call to make sure we’re a good fit. It can also help to check out my branding and design portfolio to see if my style supports the aesthetic you’re aiming for. You might love how I communicate online, or perhaps you’ve been referred on by a happy client, but my body of work needs to appeal to you too. We want to hit that sweet spot!

The cornerstone of a successful branding project is effective communication. After a connection call to ensure we’re a good fit, the process begins with a questionnaire, moodboard creation, and a detailed discussion to explore ideas. Each of these touchpoints is a crucial part of the information gathering process and will help us align our vision before any creative work commences. The design process generally takes 8-12 weeks from start to completion.

A one concept approach can seem like a limiting one but when you break it down it makes creative sense, for it means that I can put all of my billable time into designing and developing a single concept, rather than spreading my resources thinly and ineffectively across several potential options. The completion of a branding questionnaire, moodboard and follow up discussions is usually enough to inform one concept idea, which I may provide one or two variations on.

Yes. If you’re purely looking for a logo to be created and have a good understanding of what you’re aiming for – plus a clear and considered design brief – then I’d recommend booking a Branding Playday. These are one-off, full-day sessions where I can collaborate with you to execute something quickly and effectively to support your brand strategy, style or story.

My design work is rooted in strategy and storytelling, and my branding questionnaire contains questions surrounding these topics and therefore informs the creative process. However, if you’re looking for more detailed support with developing your brand vision and voice, we can work together during a Branding Playday, or you can book for 1:1 mentoring through the Creative Trail.

Yes. I would love to! Your brand story sits at the heart of your business, and it’s a topic I’m very passionate about as I believe it offers you an opportunity to connect more deeply with your audience in more authentic and intimate ways. How you go about this requires a more in-depth response, so I’ve taken the time to write a blog about the power of brand storytelling. I hope it helps.

One of my favourite parts of the process is seeing a client launch. Putting the branding and design work we’ve created into action is an exciting time, and the first step I take in supporting a client is in the supply of all graphics and assets. These include primary and secondary logos as well as stamps and icons. If you’re looking for specific help with updating collateral, packaging or websites, this can be discussed at the beginning of the project, where I’ll provide a tailored quote.

My branding questionnaire contains prompts that can help guide you. However, if you’re unclear on your vision and values, we can work together in the form of a Branding Playday. By spending some focused time together ahead of the design project, we can dive into your brand in more detail, and it will offer more direction during the creative process. As one of my favourite topics, I’d love to help you gain more clarity, so be sure to reach out if you’d like to explore it further.

The branding and design process is a collaborative one and I want you to feel involved every step of the way; from our initial connection call through to the creation of a moodboard and the design of a concept. It’s important to me that you feel aligned with (and excited about!) the direction your brand identity is taking, so as a minimum, I ask that you take time the time to complete a branding questionnaire and have at least two calls with me to discuss the design approach and branding concepts. The more time you dedicate to communicating with me, the stronger the result is going to be.

I like to book projects at least a few weeks in advance. Sometimes, clients will book in months before we’re due to start a project, which can be helpful in terms of planning. If you’re interested in working together, please get in touch, and and we can discuss availability and timescales based on my current workload and your own business activities.

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