This Creative Life: a blog series

Posted on February 27, 2023 by Sarah Robertson

This Creative Life is a guest blog series about creative living, working and playing, and I’m delighted to welcome contributors including Anna Dunleavy on the benefits of vision boarding and Niobe Shaw on finding inspiration in nature. You’ll also find a piece from me on curious folk and their creative habits.

Launching in the spring, and covering topics including embodiment, journaling and rejection, the series will feature here on my website and I’ll also be sending seasonal emails. My Inside Story letters are one of my favourite ways to keep in touch so it makes complete sense to stay creative and connected through my email community while I’m on maternity leave from May 2023. So, if you’re not currently signed up, hop on over and be the first to know about each post in the series.

As part of my email community, you’ll also get the scoop on creating a memorable brand identity and meaningful connection with your audience. I’ll take you behind-the-scenes and share the latest from the studio, and you’ll receive my free guide: Crafting your Brand Story.

I have to say…it feels exciting to be looking ahead and planning in a way that nurtures my energy, and to be bringing more than a few things to life. I can’t wait for the series and if you’d like to contribute please get in touch.