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Whether you want to elevate your brand strategy, style or story, there's a service to suit you and your business.

Shape Your Brand

A design package is ideal for those who wish to create an identity from the ground up. This tailored process will help us get to the heart of your business and explore your brand strategy, establish your brand style and connect with your brand story. Let’s develop a cohesive identity you’re proud to share.

Creative Trail

Join me on The Creative Trail; 1:1 mentoring combining six calls plus email support to nurture your brand. If you’re hoping to gain clarity around your plans or goals, looking for gentle guidance with creating a strategy or sharing your story, or launching a new product or service, this could be for you.

Branding Playday

This is the fun, friendly and flexible way to refine your brand strategy, style or story. Think of a Branding Playday as your business huddle; one day, designed around your needs, with plenty of energy, insight, and value. Let’s collaborate, give you a tangible outcome and find some joy in the creative process.

curv-imgMy Process

Rooted in curiosity, creativity and connection, learn more about my process and the steps we'll take to build your brand.

Step 01


Whether I’m supporting you through a design package, creative mentoring or a branding day, we always begin with research — learning about you and your business, exploring where you’ve been, where you are and where you’d like to go. My branding questionnaire is detailed and thorough and will helps us get to the heart of what you do, how you do it and, most importantly, why.

Step 02


This is where the fun starts and together we’ll get down to work to raise your brand within the time we have available. This might involve shifting your styling as part of Shape Your Brand, making strategic decisions together as we work through the Creative Trail, or strengthening your story through a Branding Playday.

Step 03


It’s time to say our goodbyes, but it’s not forever! This is a great opportunity for us to reflect on our time spent going from bud to bloom with a design package, creative mentoring or a branding day. It’s amazing what can be achieved, a pleasure to watch a client launch and grow, and I’ll be there to guide you along in those latter stages.

curv-imgFrom my clients

Kind words

Client quotes

Sarah ran a brand strategy workshop for our rapidly growing charity. She developed the programme in close collaboration with us and ensured that what happened on the day met our needs. We felt engaged and empowered and finished with an outcome everyone was enthusiastic about.

Evie Murray, Founder & CEO, Earth in Common

We are thrilled with our new brand style. More than just a refresh, Sarah took inspiration from the stunning topography of our beautiful region to create branding and design that is simple, elegant, and has layers of meaning. We look forward to using it for years to come.

Simon Robinson, Marketing Manager, Meetings Perthshire

Our latest project was a big step; redefining our brand story after a restructure. Sarah studied the market to understand the challenges the current climate sets us, revitalised our website with new content and imagery, and improved customer experience by adding brand personality.

Matt Shaw, Sales Director, Fountain Court Apartments

curv-imgFrequently Asked Questions

Compatibility is vital to the creative process, and this is why I always begin with a connection call to make sure we’re a good fit. It can also help to check out my branding and design portfolio to see if my style supports the aesthetic you’re aiming for. You might love how I communicate online, or perhaps you’ve been referred on by a happy client, but my body of work needs to appeal to you too!

The cornerstone of a successful branding project is effective communication. After a connection call to ensure we’re a good fit, the process begins with a questionnaire, moodboard creation, and a detailed discussion to explore ideas. Each of these touchpoints is a crucial part of the information gathering process and will help us align our vision before any creative work commences. The design process generally takes 8-12 weeks from start to completion.

My design work is rooted in strategy and storytelling, and my branding questionnaire contains questions surrounding these topics and therefore informs the creative process. However, if you’re looking for more detailed support with developing your brand vision and voice, we can work together during a Branding Playday, or you can book for 1:1 mentoring through the Creative Trail.

Your brand story sits at the heart of your business, and it’s a topic I’m very passionate about as I believe it offers you an opportunity to connect more deeply with your audience in more authentic and intimate ways. How you go about this requires a more in-depth response, so I’ve taken the time to write a blog about elevating your brand story. I hope it helps.

My branding questionnaire contains prompts that can help guide you. However, if you’re unclear on your vision and values, we can work together in the form of a Branding Playday. By spending some focused time together ahead of the design project, we can dive into your brand in more detail, and it will offer more direction during the creative process. As one of my favourite topics, I’d love to help you gain more clarity, so be sure to reach out if you’d like to explore it further.

The time you need to dedicate will differ depending on the service you choose. With my Shape Your Brand projects, clients typically collaborate with me throughout because I want them to feel involved every step of the way; from our initial connection call through to the creation of a moodboard and the design of a concept. The main touch points involve completing a branding questionnaire, discussing design revisions and agreeing on the final suite of assets. Read more about the Creative Trail and my Branding Playday.

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