Behind the scenes in my creative studio

Hi, I’m Sarah, a brand designer and creative mentor with more than 18 years in business and over 22 years of experience in marketing and design. I enjoy supporting independent businesses and would love to help you develop a brand that embodies your spirit and story.

My story

Collaborating with clients to define their vision, craft beautiful visuals and discover their voice is at the heart of my creative practice.

This is why I narrowed my focus, followed my passion for all things branding and launched These Are The Days in 2020. The studio was born of my experience in marketing, design and business, doing more of the work I love and bringing that knowledge and insight to branding and design projects.

Originally from Edinburgh, I now work from my home, nestled in the Scottish Borders, alongside my partner, Jonathan. And when I’m not in my studio, you’ll find me writing, reading or exploring with the littlest members of the team: our colour-loving lass, happy-natured lad and curious cat!


My creative skills

Brand strategy
Creative direction
Name generation
Brand styling
Visual identity
Print design


Who I work with

While each of my clients is unique in what they do, they have one thing in common: passion and purpose and the belief that their work can make a difference. You’ll find that many of the branding and design projects I work on feature a touch of nature because, for many businesses, the world around them and everyday beauty are a great source of inspiration.


What I care about

CURIOSITY: as one of my core values, I believe in remaining open to ideas throughout the design process and bringing my most imaginative self to branding projects.

CREATIVITY: while it’s a given, creativity is as much about problem-solving and decision-making as it is about my design practice. It’s about bringing the best to every project.

CONNECTION: my relationships are rooted in honesty and kindness, and I enjoy collaborating with clients as a part of their team throughout the branding process.

Stay in touch

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