Creative journal

As well as sharing my knowledge about branding and design, colour, and typography, I enjoy shining the spotlight on other independent businesses and love to write about curiosity, connection and creativity.


Brand Seasons Podcast

Learn more about the launch of the Brand Seasons podcast, where we explore the rhythms of our creative lives and work.

Katharina Geissler-Evans on embracing Heiterkeit

Katharina Geissler-Evans is the founder of the Heiter brand and magazine and takes us on her “heiter journey," inspiring us to make space for "Heiterkeit."



Planning a brand photoshoot with Anna Considine

Many of my clients are curious about the benefits of brand photography, as well as planning a brand photoshoot, so I asked Edinburgh-based brand photographer Anna Considine to share her wisdom for this late winter instalment of This Creative Life.

Take a creative leap on Instagram

Join us for #CreativeLeapFebruary; a slow, simple and sustainable experience where we take the leap from doubting to doing.



Making space for creativity

Insights on making space for creativity, with wisdom from three guests, each offering their unique take on self-nurture along with practical tips to foster creativity in a world that frequently prioritises productivity.

Astrid Bracke on marketing without social media

Astrid Bracke guides small business owners, freelancers, and creative individuals towards working in a slower, gentler and more profitable way, and shares her thoughts on flourishing in business without relying on social media.