Unearthing your brand values

Posted on November 5, 2022 by Sarah Robertson

Whether you’re running your own business or working on a creative project, your brand values are your compass, guiding your actions and lending meaning to your work. These aren’t just abstract concepts; they are principles that define how you live and work. Intrigued? Let’s delve into crystallising your brand principles.

Journeying into self-reflection

Before you can dive into your brand values, it’s crucial to explore your personal beliefs and motivations. What lights you up? What drives you forward? What virtues and talents make you memorable? 

Engage deeply with these questions—no need to rush through this foundational stage. Here are some journaling prompts to support you:

  • What do you believe in, and what truly matters to you?
  • If your brand were a friend, how might you describe them?
  • Are any other describing words that spring to mind? Write them down; you’ll refine later.

Collaborate with your audience

With a clearer understanding of what inspires and uplifts you, shift your attention to those you aim to serve—your target audience. The feedback can offer wisdom on what they expect from your brand. And if you have the privilege of a supportive network around you, including colleagues or collaborators, involve them in your journey.

Ask your audience the following:

  • Can you encapsulate my brand in just three words?
  • How does my brand or product make you feel?
  • What keeps you engaged and coming back for more?

Note: If you’re yet to start your business or are still building your community, family and friends may provide constructive feedback!

Client quotes

Defining your brand values isn’t a one-time exercise; it’s a continual practice integral to your overall identity.

Translating thoughts into visuals

Now, I’d recommend bringing your thoughts to life with a vision board, digital or physical, complete with words and images that encapsulate your brand values. These visual cues can turn abstract ideas into insight and action. For more tips, refer to my step-by-step guide to vision boarding.

Sharing your brand values

Once you’ve honed your values, they should permeate all aspects of your business or project. Feature them prominently on your website, discuss them on social media, and ensure they inform your interactions. Your beliefs are meant to be visible, not hidden and forgotten. Stand tall and share what is authentically yours.

Keeping things flexible

Brand values aren’t static; even if you already have a set of core beliefs, they can evolve with you. Periodically revisit them—quarterly or annually—to ensure they still resonate with you and your brand’s current trajectory.

Defining your beliefs isn’t a one-time exercise; it’s a continual practice integral to your overall identity, and a chance to consider your ideals and explore what you stand for with your audience in mind.