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True brand magic happens when a design feels coherent and brings confidence. And the rebranding project I worked on for Word by Word Storytelling (formerly known as The Unfinished Bookshelf) involved the creation of an entirely new identity. Complete with a new name, colours and typography – and sub-brands for the client’s newsletter and podcast – here is a brand that does what it says and offers gentle guidance – day by day, step by step, word by word – through the copywriting, marketing and storytelling process.

Word by Word Storytelling colour palette
Word by Word Storytelling stamp design
Word by Word Storytelling artwork
Word by Word Storytelling podcast
Word by Word Storytelling moodboard


Word by Word Storytelling

Kind words

Client quotes

I knew I could trust Sarah to help me with rebranding my business. She understood my needs, nudged me with ideas and helped me settle on a business name and cohesive style that beautifully captures how I work and the vibe I want to bring. I feel so proud. Sarah took an experience that initially felt quite daunting and made it enjoyable, which was a huge relief. I would wholeheartedly recommend her if you want to bring your business to life through heartfelt branding.

Michelle Gately, Word by Word Storytelling