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As well as sharing my knowledge about branding and design, colour, and typography, I enjoy shining the spotlight on other independent businesses and love to write about curiosity, connection and creativity.


Lindsay Johnstone on nurturing your inner writer

Lindsay Johnstone is a writer, literary critic and workshop facilitator. Here she shares her hints and tips for creating happy writing habits.

Finding balance in business with Rachel Emma Waring

Creative marketing consultant Rachel Waring explores explores how you can find balance in business through input and output.



Autumn rituals for igniting creativity with Laura McMahon

As autumn's gentle rhythm takes hold, blogger, copywriter, and digital marketer Laura McMahon embraces the magic of this season with autumn rituals that elevate the ordinary into the sacred.

Sara Slattery on making it through the messy middle

Sara Slattery supports values-led women and organisations through mentoring and coaching. In her contribution to This Creative Life, she explores the nuances of navigating the messy middles in our lives and work.



Trusting the first draft with Michelle Gately

Journalist, podcaster, and copywriter Michelle Gately guides us from blank page to first draft, uncovering the true magic in the writing and editing process.

Brand storytelling in the landscape of your business

Brand storytelling is an integral part of the ecosystem of your business and shaping your narrative, far from being insignificant, could be the very thing that plants you in the minds of your audience.