Creative journal

As well as sharing my knowledge about branding and design, colour, and typography, I enjoy shining the spotlight on other independent businesses and love to write about curiosity, connection and creativity.


Brand reflections

This time of year always feels like the ideal time to consider where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going.

Creating a branding moodboard

Creating a branding moodboard is one of the most exciting parts of the design process. It's a tool I often use to explore different types of ideas and projects and it's a great way of inviting some play into your day.



Seasonal colour palettes

A fun way to approach colour selection is to use seasonal colour theory as a guide. Used by a number of design professionals to help them make decisions with their clients, the seasons can offer so much inspiration in guiding us towards the right colour choices.

Elevate your brand story with design

Fairytales and fables withstand time because the stories and pictures evoke feelings, inspire us and leave an imprint. Talking and writing about your business – and creating meaningful visuals to support your brand message – is no different.



Making space for creativity

In 2020, a year of disarray and upheaval for us all, I started The Artist’s Way; a practical and valuable 12-week experience in discovering and recovering your creative self.